Party charter


We the Undersigned-founding members:

  • Guided by the desire to nurture and strengthen the principles of parliamentary democracy as enshrined in the constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan;
  • Bound by the allegiance to the constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan;
  • Committed to enhancing peace, Security,political stability, sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Bhutan at all times;
  • Believing in the separation of the Government and Nation State of Bhutan, such that the State resources and wealth belongs to the people of Bhutan;
  • Aware of the need to safeguard and enhance Bhutan’s rich cultural heritage within the setting of cultural diversity;
  • Convinced that inclusive and equitable economic growth with environmental sustainability, fair distribution and efficient use of resources are the best strategies for the wellbeings of the Bhutanese people, and
  • Led by the principles of social democracy, as suited to Bhutan, as the ideal form of political philosophy for moving forward all Bhutanese People together,

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