DNT Symbol

Description of Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa’s Election Symbol: Khamshing Meto

Peach blossom, known in Dzongkha as Khamshing Meto, is the election Symbol of Druk Nyamrp Tshogpa. The blossom paints the first colour of the spring and it represents hope, the essence
of the Human spirit that embraces the virtuous aspiration of peace, happiness and prosperity.

Small it may be but by virtue of its sanctity of purity and beauty it’s a symbol that our pledge to serve the King, the Country and the People will invariably remain steadfast. The nation’s wealth, peace and happiness, like its sweet fragrance, must take all the directions of the country.

Its effervescent yet ephemeral existence reminds us of our impermanence, the universal truth, which keeps us in complete awareness that every life matters, that we cannot afford to leave anyone behind.

The blossom is a song of nature. It’s a celebration of nature’s irrefutable wisdom and for Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa, it represents the principles of Freedom, justice and Solidarity, the core values that spun the humanity’s story.

The blossom is celebration of life, and together we unite to celebrate democracy.